As a downtown Main Street organization, one of AOT's main goals is to create a healthy and supportive entrepreneur environment for new and existing businesses. Whether you are just starting out, growing your business, or need advice on how to make your profession excel, here are some tools to help your business succeed!  

The Altavista Advantage Loan Program

The Altavista Economic Development Authority

510 7th Street, Altavista VA
Phone: (434) 369-5001

Are you starting or expanding your business in the Town of Altavista? Your business could be eligible for the Altavista Advantage loan program with an interest rate at prime minus 1%, for a period of 60 months. Funds may be used to finance and develop existing and emerging private business enterprises, construction and renovation of buildings, plans, equipment, parking areas, utility and service extension, refinancing fees, technical assistance, start up operating cash and working capital, and adult work force training. 

Information Flyer

Altavista Advantage Loan Application

Zero Interest Facade Loan Program

Altavista On Track

510 7th Street, Altavista VA                                                                                                                                                                                            Phone: 434-369-5001 ext. 111

Looking for financial assistance to rehabilitate your building facade? Improvements include painting, awnings, masonry repair, cleaning, storefront replacement/restoration, exterior lighting, window repair, cornice repair, roofing, and restoration of permanent landscaping. Loan amounts are offered from $500-$10,000 at a zero percent interest, for a period of 60 months.