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Pop Up Altavista 

Pop Up Altavista 2.0
Altavista On Track will be hosting a business launch competition called Pop-Up Altavista spring of 2017. The program is designed to lead business entrepreneurs through a 4-week program to help them achieve a business expansion or start their own business. This year we will host one 4-week session for business start-ups March 28th- April 18th and one 4-week class for businesses looking to expand May 2nd-May 23rd

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About the Program

  1. Who is this program for?
    This program is for business start-ups and expanding businesses to help entrepreneurs plan for their businesses future. This is an ideal program for aspiring entrepreneurs who only have a business idea, an entrepreneur who is ready to open their doors, or even a seasoned business owner who wants to expand their existing business. After the 4-week session, the participant will pitch to selected judges for possible grant funding. Grant funding is limited to businesses located in the Town of Altavista. Funding can only be used for business start-up or expansion costs.
  2. Why should I participate?
    Participants will be working alongside local business entrepreneurs to discover their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in their business, industry, and market. The curriculum will help guide participants to create solutions tailored to their individual business needs. At the conclusion of this program, participants will gain a business plan that will assist with the growth of their businesses, help them apply for loan packages, and investment opportunities.
  3. What Should I expect?
    So you’re interested in opening or expanding your own business? Pop-Up Altavista will give you all the tools and resources to get started, but that will also require hard work, dedication, and attendance throughout the program. Participants should expect: 4-week intensive course Overall perfect class attendance, (unless of an emergency or conflict) Outside of class assignments Class teamwork and collaboration Individual work and problem solving. Business start-ups should plan to be open by September 2017 in the Town of Altavista.

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Please Download the Pop Up Altavista Handbook for more information 

Pop Up Altavista Handbook
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